If you want to boost the appeal and aesthetic of your house and simultaneously make it more valuable, then an exterior home painting is just what the doctor ordered! In addition to jazzing things up on the outside, it will also protect your home from harmful elements such as rain, wind, mildew, and mold. By getting an exterior home painting done you’ll also be able to enhance its resale value in case you consider selling your house in the future. While all of this may sound lovely and whip you into renovation mode, let’s go over some 10 important things to consider and do before you get an exterior home painting.

1 – Weather conditions do matter

Imagine setting up the perfect date and time to get your exterior painted and having to cancel due to bad weather conditions. There goes the time you set aside and in a worse case extension of your contractor’s time to return and get the job done. An ideal weather condition for an exterior home painting is clear skies, sunny, and no rain whatsoever. Moisture and rain can be the worst enemy for the painting job! 

2-  Quality of the paint

Most people tend to wing it when it comes to choosing paint for their exterior or even walls and just choose something basic, however, that shouldn’t be the case for this. Invest well into purchasing high-quality paint. It doesn’t need to be overpriced-just research well and make sure you’re not being overcharged. Fortunately, there are plenty of affordable options on the market.

3 – Clean up the surface

If you despise chores and hate to clean up, well, we’re sorry to disappoint you but the surface of the home exterior must be cleaned before the painting job begins. This applies to cleaning any dirt, mildew, chalky residue, and grime as paint doesn’t adhere to rough surfaces. If this really stresses you out or doesn’t fit into your schedule then opt to hire a cleaner who will scrub and clean away the surface.

4 – Priming is key!

A great tip and key point to consider before painting your home exterior is using a primer, sand, and then applying the coat of colors you desire in order to achieve the perfect finish. A good coating of primer will help the paint adhere to the surface smooth and even last longer.

5 – Mix and match to create something perfect

It’s recommended to actually use a few different cans of paint ranging in the same color palette to achieve a unique shade.

6 – Protect other items 

If there are any bushes, plants, furniture, or even the ground that have a chance of getting ruined by the paint, it is wise to fully cover these precious items to prevent any damage or loss. 

7 –  Take it from the top!

If you’re the one painting your home exterior then it’s highly crucial to remember that a perfect paint job is done starting from the top of the wall. Most people tend to start from the bottom but this will make your job a bit harder and even may turn out crooked or blotchy. Take slow, small steps, and use a ladder with caution. Nobody wants their paint job turned into an emergency.

8 – The use of proper tools

Many ask whether the right tool to use for painting your home exterior is a brush or roller, and to be quite honest, it really depends on the size and dimension of the wall. A roller is useful for wider and large surfaces, and brushes can be used for narrower surfaces.

9 – Choosing the ideal color

Everyone knows that all homeowners have their unique styles and preference when it comes to painting and designing their house, but sometimes your favorite color you worshiped as a child may not be the perfect shade for your home exterior. It’s crucial to consider a color that complements the look of your entire house and gives it a curb appeal.

10 – Seal the deal – apply a top coat

While applying a top coat to your home exterior painting, remember that less is more. Too many layers of top coat can result in paint flaking off through the years. 

Let’s recap!

While there is probably a whole lot more to learn about the proper way to paint your home exterior, these are the top ten things to consider before you start painting away. Most importantly, make sure you put your heart and soul into the process if you’re going to be the one doing the paint job. Doing a job passionately makes the entire experience itself something to enjoy and even remember with a smile.

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