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Not a lot of people know the difference between replacement windows and new construction windows, and it may be very helpful to know when researching the remodel of your window installation.  

Replacement windows are made to replace old windows in your home. They are meant to be installed in the existing window frame from inside of the home. They are custom-made to fit any existing window opening, so no extra construction is needed.  

New construction windows, on the other hand, have a Nail Fin that’s used to secure a window into a wooden stud. These windows are usually made for new homes or other new construction projects. Even though this type of window is more than often used for newly built houses, there are certain times when new construction windows are best for replacement.

It seems as though the only similarity between both replacement windows and new construction windows is that they are available in a wide variety of styles, colors, and materials. No matter which type of window ends up fitting your project, you will be able to find the perfect look for your home as well.

So why do people lean towards the use of replacement windows? 

First, let us dive into the pros and cons. Replacement windows have many benefits, hence why they are so appealing to window repair customers. They are easily more affordable than the rival types. And along with their lesser expense, they are definitely more efficient in their installation. Because they are installed in existing frames, contractors don’t have to remove exterior elements. This allows for a quick, easy, and less invasive installation – saving you money, time, and a headache.  

But nothing is perfect. These replacement windows have a few faults of their own. One of which is their size. Since they install it into this existing window frame as described before, the actual glass is a bit smaller than before. It won’t be much of a noticeable change but still is a smaller view.

Both types of windows can be great to use, but when considering a new upgrade, you should know when the use of each is best.

Generally speaking, unless your current windows are in poor condition, it is often a much cheaper and simpler option to go ahead with a replacement window installation. If your window frames are in good and functional shape, then stick with some replacements. Otherwise, you might be spending too much time and money on a project that didn’t need to be done. With replacement windows, you do not need to cut down old frames and have the additional construction; instead, with usable old window frames, you can have a simpler and cheaper installation.

If you need a stronger, more durable, and lasting window urgently, look for a good new construction window. To reiterate, new construction windows need new window frames too, so the extra construction should be worth it only if those window frames are damaged or in need of an upgrade. With all of that carpentry, you might as well add in those new construction windows too.

No matter which option you end up choosing, GreenCal Construction should be your go-to service for window replacement and installation. We have helped so many clients and can help you today! Call or contact us here for a free consultation.    

Improving your home’s energy efficiency and doing something to help the environment is a win-win situation. When thinking about how to be more energy-efficient grand ventures such as solar panels and electric cars may come to mind. But did you know ways to use energy more efficiently can be as simple as replacing windows and changing light bulbs? GreenCal Construction offers a variety of services to make your home more energy-efficient from new windows, to roofs to paint. Keep reading to find out how to help your home go green and how to save money on your energy bills.   

How to Make an Old Home More Energy Efficient 

If you’re looking to upgrade your old home to more energy-efficient house features consider updating your home’s windows, roof, paint, or doors.

Energy-Efficient Windows

Windows in older homes can be extremely drafty and cause outside air to leak in and out. By adding weatherstripping or sealing the frame with silicone caulk you can more easily maintain the temperature inside your home.

If you have single-pane windows, you’ll want to consider replacing them with energy-efficient windows. A double-pane energy star-rated window can immensely improve a home’s energy efficiency. Energy-efficient windows help maintain a consistent temperature inside your home which means you’ll be running AC and heatless and saving money on your energy bills. 

Energy-Efficient Roofing Materials

If it’s time to replace your old roof opt for metal roofing or “cool roofs ” These energy-efficient roofs will reflect heat away from your home keeping the interior comfortable and cool.

Metal roofs, while expensive, are extremely energy efficient and can reflect up to 90% of the heat that hits them. A more cost-effective option is asphalt shingles with reflective granules. Similar to metal roofing, asphalt shingles reflect the sun’s rays and keep the roof cool therefore reducing the need to run air conditioning as frequently. 

Energy-Efficient Painting

Believe it or not, paint is another energy-efficient home upgrade that can slash your electricity bill. GreenCal Construction is an authorized dealer of the TexCote® COOLWALL® exterior coating. This specialized paint is manufactured to reflect the sun’s rays instead of absorbing them and can effectively reduce surface temperatures by up to 40 degrees.

In addition to keeping your home cooler, this paint is fade-resistant and will keep the exterior of your house looking amazing. This specialized paint in addition to keeping your home cool is resistant to cracking, peeling, and fading and will look amazing while saving money on energy bills.   

Interior Projects That Can Make Your Home More Energy Efficient 

Energy-efficient home upgrades can be performed on the interior of your house as well! Selecting energy-efficient house features can be as simple as swapping light bulbs or adding insulation.  

Replace Incandescent Bulbs with LED bulbs

LED bulbs last longer and use less energy than their incandescent counterparts. A home may have up to 40 light bulbs in it and by switching to LED’s you can cut down on your electricity bill.  

Add Insulation to Your Attic

Similar to your windows, drafts can go in and out of your attic. Adding insulation to your attic will effectively stop leaks, keep your AC in your house and your power bill low.  

Buy Energy Star Products

Energy star products are a great investment for energy-efficient home upgrades. Energy star offers a wide variety of products including refrigerators, washers, dryers, stoves, and air conditioners. These products use 10-50% less energy than an average appliance and meet energy standards set by the EPA. If it’s almost time to replace an appliance in your home, opt for an energy-star-rated product.   

Increase your homes energy efficiency with GreenCal Construction

GreenCal Construction cares about your home and the environment and when it comes to energy-efficient upgrades, we are happy to talk you through your options. Our wide array of services covers roofs, windows, painting, and more and all of those can be made energy efficient. Contact us today to go green and to make your home look amazing. We look forward to working with you!

A lot of people tend to ask the question: what’s the whole big deal about energy efficiency, especially when it comes to businesses? The answer is quite simple – according to ENERGY STAR, energy efficiency is the use of less energy to get the same task done. The benefits? You save money on your energy bills and you do a little good for the environment.

According to the EPA’S ENERGY STAR program, small businesses within the U.S. collectively spend an astonishing $60 billion on energy each year. These costs can be cut down to 10-30 percent without any damage to work progress. It’s a complete win-win. You contribute to saving your business and the planet at the same time.

GreenCal Construction could be a great resource to assist you in an attempt to save energy. We are a family-owned and run company that specializes in residential and commercial services in an eco-friendly way. We know exactly how to improve any and all projects that may be energy taxing.

In this blog, we will share some simple and great ways for you to advance your business in an efficient and cheap way.

Exterior Projects that Can Make Your Business More Energy Efficient

Exterior Windows

ENERGY STAR-rated windows can improve a business’ energy efficiency. You should block direct sunlight through windows during the summer; let the sun in during the day in the winter, but cover the windows at night. These tricks could help save on air conditioning and heating costs.

Energy-efficient roof materials

GreenCal provides environmentally safe alternatives for roof installation and placement. One example is cool roofing. Designed to reflect more sunlight, cool roofs absorb less energy and are also a great way to save you money on air conditioning.

Energy-efficient painting

GreenCal is an authorized dealer of ​​TexCote® COOLWALL® exterior coating, a revolutionary product that can help you keep your business cooler without having to constantly run your air conditioner.

Steel doors

Replacing old doors with steel alternatives is another great way to budget energy costs. Although materials like steel are heat conductors, they are great thermal insulators.

Interior Projects That Can Make Your Business More Energy Efficient

There are also many interior ways to conserve energy in the office – ways that can help ensure your business runs smoothly and efficiently inside-out:

LED bulbs

Replacing incandescent bulbs with LED bulbs will help you drastically lessen the amount of electricity used in the workplace.

Add additional insulation

Extra insulation can reduce and restrict the exchange of heat through walls and roofs. This can conserve energy by decreasing the amount of energy needed for heating and cooling.

Conduct an energy audit

An energy audit can determine and explain your energy uses and how you can cut down on excessive energy outputs. Electric utility companies often offer these audits for free.

Energy-efficient office equipment

When purchasing office equipment, do a little extra research. If they are ENERGY STAR-rated appliances, your business can save lots in the long run. 

Install a smart thermostat or install energy monitoring solutions

Managing temperature, even when no one is present, can make a big difference. Also, make sure to power down computers and non-essential systems at the end of the day.

Find out How GreenCal can Help Your Business 

As you can see, there are quite a few easy ways you can make a change in your business. With a little work, you can cut down on major energy costs and help the environment. Use GreenCal Construction to make this transition to a better business space. Contact us today for a free consultation!

If you’re getting ready to sell your home a fresh coat of exterior paint is essential to increasing your home’s value. A fresh paint job is the least expensive investment you can make that will bring the biggest return. Fresh exterior paint increases your home’s curb appeal and should be completed prior to listing in order to give buyers a favorable impression. Faded, chipped, or peeling paint can deter potential buyers and give the impression that the property has been poorly maintained. GreenCal Construction has years of experience in painting homes and we’ll take the time to help you find the paint color that will make your home look its absolute best.

A new coat of exterior paint boosts home value

If you’re wondering “how much can paint increase home value?” A fresh coat of exterior paint makes a tremendous difference when putting your home on the market. A survey conducted in 2019 found that painting your house leads to a 51% return on investment when putting your home on the market. A well-done exterior paint job gives a great first impression to potential buyers and will make your home favorable to another property that has not been repainted. Before putting your house on the market it is imperative to have a new coat of exterior paint to increase the value of your home.

What are the best colors to choose to increase value?

There are many options to choose from when picking exterior paint but certain colors will help your home sell for higher than market price. White and gray are the most popular color choices for homes according to the National Association of Realtors. These neutral colors will look crisp and homely paired with any outside decor. 

Additionally, when picking exterior paint do not use more than 3 colors. The 60-30-10 rule should be utilized if you are going to use multiple exterior paint colors. 60% of the paint should be on the body, this will be a main color such as white or gray. 30% will go on the trim and garage and the remaining 10% and third color can be put on shutters. Utilizing this rule paired with complementary colors will boost the value of your home and make it appealing to potential buyers. 

Once you have decided on your colors, hire a qualified contractor to help paint your home. Painting an even and consistent coat is more difficult than it appears and is best left to professionals to ensure the paint job is crisp and clean. 

If you already have a neutral color on your home that is peeling or cracking you are going to need your home repainted. Exterior paint fades over time due to the sun’s rays and other outdoor elements. If you are questioning if you need a new coat of paint just remember touch-ups are always beneficial.

GreenCal Construction is here to help with your next exterior paint project! 

At GreenCal Construction, we will always treat your home like its own. Whether you are choosing a color, paint brand, or are ready to have your home painted GreenCal Construction is an expert in the industry. We will make your home look beautiful and increase its market value. We are looking forward to working with you on all of your exterior painting needs. Contact us today for a free exterior painting quote and to talk to one of our qualified professionals.

If you’re looking into replacement windows, Low-E glass is something you should be considering. GreenCal Construction installs Low-E glass windows that homeowners love and that have quickly become the standard in modern homes. Low-E glass offers benefits that create energy efficiency and there are different options for both hot and cold climates. These windows are safe and can actually increase the value of your home if you are looking to sell. Keep reading to learn more about this window technology that will make all the difference when it comes to your house!

Low-E glass also known as low emissivity glass minimizes infrared and ultraviolet light that comes into your home without impacting the amount of light that comes through your windows. Low-E glass reflects radiant heat away from your home keeping the inside cool.

Low-E glass is made by applying a thin, non toxic coating of metallic oxides between the double panes of your window. You may be wondering, does low-e glass have a tint? While not very noticeable there is a slight reflective green tint on low-e windows.

Is Low-E glass safe?

Is Low-E glass worth it? Only if you want increased energy efficiency, reduced condensation and protection for your home’s interior. Low-E windows are so beneficial that they are becoming a standard for energy efficiency in most new homes.

Low-E Protects Your Home’s Interior

The coating on Low-E glass blocks harmful UV rays that can cause wood furniture and other furnishings in your home to fade. Paint on walls, carpet, and couches will stay bright and avoid any sun damage. The best part of this is that your home will still get natural looking sunlight coming through the windows, just with a layer of added protection.

Increased energy efficiency

Low-E glass acts as an insulator and keeps cold air out in the winter and warm air out in the summer. You’ll save money on energy bills by being able to stabilize the temperature of your home. On hot California days your home will remain much cooler if you install Low-E glass for replacement windows in your home.

Reduce Condensation

Condensation forms when temperatures start to change from cool to warm. Low-E glass’ coating will prevent condensation from occurring and creating larger problems in your home.

Types of Low-E Coatings for Windows

When installing replacement windows in your home, there are two types of coatings to choose from when it comes to Low-E glass. 

Passive Low-E Coatings (Hard-Coat)

Passive or hard coatings are created using a pyrolytic process. Pyrolytic coatings are created in a process where the coating is applied to a glass ribbon during its production on the float line. This process makes the coating fuse to a hot glass surface and creates a strong bond and extremely durable coating.

Solar Control Low-E Coatings (Soft-Coat)

Solar control or soft coatings are manufactured using the MSVD process. This stands for magnetron sputtering vapor deposition. In the MSVD process, the coating is applied without using a float line to pre-cut glass at room temperature in a vacuum chamber. The glass is then sealed in a laminated unit. This glass is best for protecting from solar rays and has lower emissivity than hard coatings. 

Which Type of Low-E Coating Glass is Best for My Climate?

Homes in California would benefit the most from a soft coating. Soft coatings are meant for warm sunny climates and offer excellent UV protection. This coating reflects warm air and heat back outside and reflects the cool air back into your home. This again is extremely beneficial for energy efficiency. Cool air won’t be escaping and you’ll be able to run your AC less.

Hard coats are best suited for cold climates. Hard coatings allow some UV rays to penetrate the glass helping heat your home. The glass then continues to reflect that heat back inside keeping your home considerably warmer than just a double pane window would.

GreenCal Construction Installs Energy-efficient, Low-E Anlin Catalina windows

The Anlin Catalina window is a perfect fit for a replacement window in your home. It features 4 layers of a Low-E soft coating that will keep harmful UV rays out of your house and keep it cool. In addition to Low-E glass, these windows reduce outside noise, increase energy efficiency and the Sash Dead Bolt will prevent anyone from breaking in.The double lifetime warranty guarantees that all repairs will be free of charge making the anlin catalina an excellent option for replacement windows in your home!

Install Low-E Windows Today With GreenCal Construction!

Low-E windows will keep your home cool, add energy efficiency and even increase the value of your home. They are the perfect option if you are looking to make energy efficient upgrades to your home. GreenCal Construction can walk you through any questions that you have on Low-E windows or the installation process. Contact us today for a free quote on your replacement windows. We are looking forward to hearing from you! 

When redoing elements of your house it’s important to feel everything being replaced is high quality, energy efficient and aesthetically pleasing. When it comes to single pane and double pane windows, the double pane window is a better option for your home for many reasons beyond energy efficiency. GreenCal construction is happy to walk you through the benefits of double pane windows. With years of experience in the industry your replacement windows will be installed with professionalism that delivers high quality results. Keep reading to learn all the benefits that double pane windows offer. 

What’s the difference between single and double-pane windows?

Before you begin researching single pane vs double pane windows you may find yourself asking “how do double pane windows work?”. Just like the names suggest, the major difference is a single pane of glass instead of two panes of glass. While single pane replacement windows may be cheaper initially, double pane windows offer long term benefits.

More energy efficient. Single pane vs double pane windows energy savings vary greatly. Double pane windows help with energy efficiency and will lower your utility bill. They stabilize your home’s temperature by adding insulation. This means hot and cold outside temperatures are less likely to penetrate your home. Double pane windows save on energy costs and reduce your energy usage by as much as 24% during the winter and 18% during the summer. 

-Environmentally friendly. Double pane windows are good for the environment. Because they insulate your home, you’ll use less energy, burn less fossil fuels and release less greenhouse gasses. Some areas in California offer tax rebates for home renovations that improve the energy efficiency of your home.

Insulate your home from noise better than single pane windows. Thick double pane windows keep outdoor noise out. Whether you live near a busy street, construction zone, or have noisy neighbors, double pane windows will soften outside noise. A quieter home results in better sleep, relaxation and improved mood. 

Adds to your home’s value when upgrading from a single pane window. When adding double pane replacement windows you can increase your home’s value. The benefits of double pane windows will appeal to a homebuyer, especially being energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

Are single pane windows legal in California?

Homeowners can legally install single pane windows in their home. However, all new construction is required to have double pane windows in the state of California.When adding replacement windows, single pane windows are outdated and “old technology”. They’re not energy efficient like double pane windows and the only benefit is a lower cost installation.

GreenCal Construction installs energy-efficient double pane windows

Are double pane windows worth it? The answer is yes! The Anlin Catalina window is an excellent option when installing replacement windows in your home. GreenCal’s Anlin Catalina window exceeds energy star requirements and will help you save money on energy throughout the year. The double strength glass in this window offers greater noise reduction than regular double pane glass windows. The deadbolt and continuous interlock will prevent any break ins and keep your home safe. The Anlin Catalina windows also have a lifetime warranty which makes it a great option for replacement windows.

Contact GreenCal Construction for your free window replacement quote!

If your home is ready for replacement windows give GreenCal Construction a call. We’ll give you a free quote for your new energy efficient windows and be with you for every step of the process. Protect the environment, save money, and use less energy with the installation of double pane windows. We look forward to working with you! Call us today 714-790-1750

You wrapped up a home improvement project last year where the outside of your house was painted. Not wanting the leftover paint to go to waste you decide to do some touch ups on the inside of your house. However, exterior paint in your home poses a risk to you and your family. Interior and exterior paint have different qualities and chemical makeups that make them specially formulated for the indoors or outdoors. 

Whether you’re ready to paint the inside or outside of your house, GreenCal Construction has the experience to get it done right the first time. We can even assist with helping you find what color will look best on your home. Keep reading to gain more knowledge about interior and exterior paints and why each can only be used in the appropriate areas.

What is the difference between outside and inside paint?

Interior and exterior paints are different because one is designed for the environmental changes of the outdoors while the other is suited for a home and living space. These differences make it difficult to use interior paint outdoors and vice versa.

Interior Paint

Interior paints are manufactured to have characteristics for an interior environment and are not durable enough for the outdoors. They are low odor, washable, scratch and splatter resistant and emit a minimal amount of VOCs and other harmful chemicals. The lack of VOCs also means the organic pigment in the paints will fade and flake when exposed to sunlight. Interior paints also lack mildewcide and other chemicals that help paint withstand rain, snow and heat. 

Exterior paint

Exterior paints are more durable, provide better coverage and adhere extremely well to all surfaces. Exterior paints are usually acrylic latex which is water soluble and makes the paint weather resistant. Acrylic latex paint works on exterior surfaces including stucco, wood, cement and brick. It is best to use a qualified contractor when painting the exterior of your house.

However, exterior paints contain harmful chemicals that when released inside a home would be dangerous for the people living there. While dangerous indoors, the chemicals in exterior paint make it more suited to the outdoors. The additives keep the color from fading quickly, are weather resistant, durable and resist physical damage such as chips.

Can you use exterior paint on the interior?

It may seem appealing to use exterior paint inside of your home because of being durable and fade resistant. However, it is not recommended to use exterior paint inside of your home due to the harmful chemicals that can be released into the air. “The additives that are needed to make exterior paint resilient outdoors are not intended for use inside,” says Mark Savino, Strategic Remodeling Advisor at YouthfulHome.

If you mistakenly used exterior paint in your house and find yourself googling “I accidentally used exterior paint inside”, there is nothing to worry about. Simply prime your walls and paint over with interior paint. With the walls primed and repainted you are at no risk from the exterior paints harmful chemicals.

Another commonly asked question is “can I use exterior paint inside my garage?”. Because garages are frequently opened and ventilated it would be ok to use exterior paint here, but interior paint is still the better option. Also if you are regularly using or working in your garage it is best to stick to interior paint.

What happens if you use interior paint on exterior?

If the outside of your home is painted with interior paint, it doesn’t pose any risk or health concerns but it won’t last. Interior paint doesn’t have the same chemicals and durability as an exterior paint because it’s made to be safe for those inside a house. Extreme temperatures, snow, rain, and sun will cause interior paint to deteriorate quickly if it’s outdoors. The sun will fade the paint color, and temperature changes will cause cracking. You must use exterior paint on the outside of your house if you want the paint to last and stay in good condition.

Need an interior or exterior paint job? GreenCal Construction can help!

Whether you’re looking to get your house painted or just have questions on what paint to use on the exterior of your home give GreenCal construction a call at 714.790.1750. With years of experience in the industry we deliver high quality results every time and we’ll treat your house like it’s our own. We’re looking forward to working with you! Contact us today for a free exterior painting quote.

Roofing shingles are so popular amongst home owners because they are low cost, easy to install and completely customizable. Not only will they have your home looking pristine but they also last a long time and are easy to repair. GreenCal Construction is certified and bonded to work on your roof and install new shingles. With all the benefits of roofing shingles compared to a tile roof they are an excellent and low cost option for your home that will look amazing!

Why are roofing shingles so popular?


Asphalt shingles are the most popular and common roofing shingle and cost $70 to $120 a square. You may be wondering, is an asphalt roof the same as shingles? The answer is yes because most shingles are made out of asphalt. With proper maintenance asphalt roofing shingles can last up to 25 years. 

Less common shingle types include wood and synthetic shingles. Wood shingles range from $100 to $150 a square and also last up to 25 years. Lastly, synthetic shingles that are usually made out of slate, start out at $300 a square and last up to 50 years. 

Is asphalt roof the same as shingles?


The light weight material of asphalt roofing shingles makes installation easy. This also makes them easy to maintain and remove and replace. Heavy roofing materials such as concrete, clay, and slate require special framing or else the home can’t support the weight of the. For asphalt shingles to be installed in a home no special requirements are needed due to the lightweight nature of the material.

Comes in a variety of colors

With the modernization of roofing shingles, they come in all colors and asphalt shingles can even be made to look like slate, wood and other expensive materials. In addition to an assortment of colors, shingles can be cut in a variety of sizes allowing you to completely customize the look of your roof. Any type of home design can be paired with roofing shingles for a beautiful and completely custom look. 

Easy to install, repair, or replaceable

Why are roofs made of shingles? Well, they are easy to install and require less labor which results in a lower installation cost. Labor costs should be fairly standard for all roofing shingle installations. When replacing shingles on your roof all of the old shingles are removed and new ones are put in place. This costs less than the installation of a heavy slate or concrete roof because it’s not as labor intensive for the roofing contractor.

Unlike other roofing materials, a shingle roof can be repaired without having to completely redo the roof. If shingles are missing or damaged, the old shingles can be removed and the new shingles are slipped into place without having to work on any other part of the roof. Additionally, it’s easy to see when shingles need to be repaired because they will show signs of damage such as cracking, crumbling or falling off of the roof. 

Relatively Durable

Asphalt shingles don’t last as long as metal or slate roofing but they are still durable. Asphalt shingles last 20 to 25 years and can withstand most storms. Even if your roof does lose roofing shingles or experience damage during a storm, new shingles can be put on relatively inexpensively in the areas that need to be patched.

Roofing Shingles are a great option for your new roof!

With all the benefits of roofing shingles compared to other roofing materials they are an excellent option for any home. GreenCal construction has years of experience with shingle installation and is eager to work with you on your new roof. Contact us today for a free roofing quote and to talk through design options. We look forward to working with you!

Nothing quite matches the look of a freshly painted home. However, overtime you may notice the once crisp paint on your home beginning to fade leaving your house looking drab. A variety of factors contribute to the exterior paint fading including UV rays, paint quality, and paint color. Greencal Construction is an expert in exterior painting and will help you select quality paint that is fade resistant. We’ll educate you on how to prevent and fix fading exterior paint and keep your home looking like new!

What causes paint fade?

Direct sunlight, harsh weather and extreme temperatures all cause exterior paint to fade. Harmful UV rays strip the color from all items that are in direct contact with it including paint. East and west facing sides of your house get the most direct exposure to sunlight resulting in the most fading. When choosing exterior paint, be sure to get paint that repels UV rays. This will keep the paint on your house looking fresh and colorful. 

Low quality paint is another culprit for fading. When low quality paint is used the upper layers of the exterior paint begin to peel and the paint coating chalks off resulting in color fading. Choosing a flat paint instead of reflective or semi-gloss coating will also cause premature fading.

How do you keep outdoor paint from fading?

Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as an exterior paint that will never fade, but the following tips can help preserve the longevity of your paint.

Light colors fare better in direct sunlight. Dark paints attract UV rays and are more susceptible to fading. Lighter exterior paint colors absorb less radiation and heat and will fade less. 

-Paints that use inorganic pigments tend to be more resistant to UV radiation. Browns, tans, and beiges will resist fading for longer than organic pigments. Bright blues, yellows and reds are more susceptible to fading from exposure to UV rays.

Wash and repaint annually.When exterior paint starts to fade it needs to be pressure washed to remove all surface paint and chalking. By proactively doing this you will halt exterior paint fading before it even occurs.

-Invest in high-qualityfade resistant paint. High quality exterior paints have a proper bond and resist fading. Also, ensure the exterior paint you use is resistant to harmful UV rays.

How many years should exterior paint last?

Southern California can get up to 200 days of sun a year. This beautiful sunny weather unfortunately will cause exterior paint to fade within 10 years. To be proactive and prevent fading, your home should be repainted every 5 to 10 years.

Get your free exterior painting estimate today!

Whether you’re repainting your home or your faded color needs a touch up, Greencal Construction has you covered. We use high quality paints that deliver beautiful results every time. Contact us today for your free exterior painting estimate. We look forward to working with you!

Paint is one of the easiest, most cost-effective ways to give your home a fresh look. But choosing the right color combination from the hundreds of options can be overwhelming. 

Don’t let that stop you. The team at GreenCal Construction has twenty years of experience guiding Southern California homeowners through the process of choosing great paint colors.

The colors you choose should make you enjoy the sight of your home when you pull up after a long day of work. If you are planning to sell your home in the near future, it is wise to consider what colors will be appealing to buyers in your area. 

In this article, we will discuss reasons to repaint your home’s exterior, popular choices for exterior color, things to consider when choosing paint color, and how color choice can affect your energy costs. 

Reasons to repaint your home’s exterior

Why is exterior paint important? Painting your home’s exterior leads to improved curb appeal and increases the value of your home. According to a HomeGain survey, exterior paint leads to a 55% return on investment when the home is sold.

In addition to improving the look and value, exterior paint provides an added layer of protection from the elements. It keeps your home safe from weather damage, insects, and dust. Good exterior paint can help prevent exterior wood from rotting, saving you repair costs.

What is the most popular choice for a home’s exterior?

There are endless color combinations for your exterior house painting. Experts recommend choosing warm, soft colors. Off whites, greys, taupes, light blues and yellows are all appealing options. Check out some great examples from here. Light neutral colors make a house appear bigger than it is. Neutrals as the main color provide a great back drop for a dramatic pop of color on the trim. 

What to consider when choosing exterior paint colors for your house?

There are two key things to consider when choosing exterior paint color combinations. 

First, experts recommend sticking to no more than three colors. More than that can be distracting to the eye.

Use the 60-30-10 rule. 60 percent is the body of the home and should be one color. 30 percent is garage doors and trim, and should be the one accent color. Ten percent is the front of the house and shutters. This is where you can add a pop of color.

Second, consider the colors on your neighbors’ homes. Walk around your neighborhood and note the general color schemes present. It’s a good idea to choose something similar, as you might not want to be the one house that sticks out of the crowd.

Does the color of your house affect your energy bill?

Lastly, we want to talk about how the color of your house can affect your energy bill. This is not usually something that is taken into consideration when choosing exterior paint colors. But, in climates like Southern California, it is worth thinking about. 

Consider a lighter color for your exterior walls in a hot climate like Southern California. Light colors reflect heat, keeping your home cooler and reducing your cooling costs. This is good for your wallet and good for the environment. 

Painting the exterior of your home has so many benefits, whether you are planning to stay in your home for a long time, or are looking to sell in the near future. Don’t let the plethora of options hold you back from getting started on this great home improvement project. If you have more questions about why exterior painting is important, our team at GreenCal Construction is here to help. Contact us today.