When redoing elements of your house it’s important to feel everything being replaced is high quality, energy efficient and aesthetically pleasing. When it comes to single pane and double pane windows, the double pane window is a better option for your home for many reasons beyond energy efficiency. GreenCal construction is happy to walk you through the benefits of double pane windows. With years of experience in the industry your replacement windows will be installed with professionalism that delivers high quality results. Keep reading to learn all the benefits that double pane windows offer. 

What’s the difference between single and double-pane windows?

Before you begin researching single pane vs double pane windows you may find yourself asking “how do double pane windows work?”. Just like the names suggest, the major difference is a single pane of glass instead of two panes of glass. While single pane replacement windows may be cheaper initially, double pane windows offer long term benefits.

More energy efficient. Single pane vs double pane windows energy savings vary greatly. Double pane windows help with energy efficiency and will lower your utility bill. They stabilize your home’s temperature by adding insulation. This means hot and cold outside temperatures are less likely to penetrate your home. Double pane windows save on energy costs and reduce your energy usage by as much as 24% during the winter and 18% during the summer. 

-Environmentally friendly. Double pane windows are good for the environment. Because they insulate your home, you’ll use less energy, burn less fossil fuels and release less greenhouse gasses. Some areas in California offer tax rebates for home renovations that improve the energy efficiency of your home.

Insulate your home from noise better than single pane windows. Thick double pane windows keep outdoor noise out. Whether you live near a busy street, construction zone, or have noisy neighbors, double pane windows will soften outside noise. A quieter home results in better sleep, relaxation and improved mood. 

Adds to your home’s value when upgrading from a single pane window. When adding double pane replacement windows you can increase your home’s value. The benefits of double pane windows will appeal to a homebuyer, especially being energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

Are single pane windows legal in California?

Homeowners can legally install single pane windows in their home. However, all new construction is required to have double pane windows in the state of California.When adding replacement windows, single pane windows are outdated and “old technology”. They’re not energy efficient like double pane windows and the only benefit is a lower cost installation.

GreenCal Construction installs energy-efficient double pane windows

Are double pane windows worth it? The answer is yes! The Anlin Catalina window is an excellent option when installing replacement windows in your home. GreenCal’s Anlin Catalina window exceeds energy star requirements and will help you save money on energy throughout the year. The double strength glass in this window offers greater noise reduction than regular double pane glass windows. The deadbolt and continuous interlock will prevent any break ins and keep your home safe. The Anlin Catalina windows also have a lifetime warranty which makes it a great option for replacement windows.

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