Our Green Alternative to Exterior House Paint Can Increase the Comfort & Sustainability of Your Home in Fullerton or Another Southern California CityExterior House Paint Fullerton CA

When the sun beats down on your home in Fullerton or any other city in Southern California, your exterior walls can absorb as much as 90 percent of the heat. This increases your home’s interior temperature, which often results in you having to run your air conditioning system to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home. This not only leads to higher energy costs, but also increases the emission of dangerous chlorofluorocarbons into the air. Fortunately, the home improvement experts at GreenCal Construction can combat this problem by applying an exterior home coating that has been proven to outperform traditional exterior house paint.

TexCote® COOLWALL® Systems

GreenCal is an authorized dealer of TexCote® COOLWALL® exterior coating, a revolutionary product that can help you keep your home cooler without having to constantly run your air conditioner. Unlike traditional exterior house paint, TexCote® COOLWALL® is specially formulated to reflect the sun’s heat rather than absorb it, which has been shown to lower exterior wall surface temperatures by as much as 40 degrees. TexCote® COOLWALL® consists of a thin primer that fuses together with a thick finish to form an impermeable and highly reflective moisture-proof barrier that, unlike exterior house paint, will never chip, flake, or peel. Maintaining a cooler exterior surface temperature not only leads to cooler interior temperatures, but also prolongs the life of the exterior coating system and keeps it looking bright and vibrant for years to come. Furthermore, TexCote® COOLWALL® can be applied to virtually any surface, including galvanized and aluminum substrates, concrete, masonry, brick, and wood. And with more than 500 color options to choose from, you will be sure to find a look and feel that suits your home.

A More Sustainable Product for a More Sustainable Home

The team at GreenCal is proud to offer our customers such an innovative and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional exterior house paint. Not only can the TexCote® COOLWALL® exterior coating make your home more sustainable by reducing energy costs, but the manufacturing process incorporates post-consumer recycled content, making it truly a green product. TexCote® COOLWALL® is covered by a Limited Manufacturer’s Lifetime Warranty that lasts as long as you own your home, so you can be confident that this investment is protected.

For more information on the many ways that TexCote® COOLWALL® outperforms traditional exterior house paint, or to schedule a free in-home consultation to have TexCote® COOLWALL® applied to your Fullerton or another area in Southern California, contact GreenCal Construction today.


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