When it comes to roofing, there are some key differences between commercial and residential properties that property owners should be aware of. In this article, we’ll explore how commercial roofing differs from residential roofing and discuss some key considerations for property owners.

Size and Complexity:

  1. Commercial roofs tend to be much larger and more complex than residential roofs. They may include features such as multiple levels, skylights, ventilation systems, and more. Commercial roofs may also require specialized equipment and expertise to install and maintain, which can affect the cost and timeline of roofing projects.


  1. Commercial roofs are typically made from different materials than residential roofs. Common commercial roofing materials include modified bitumen, TPO, PVC, EPDM, and metal. These materials are designed to be durable, long-lasting, and energy-efficient, and are often able to withstand harsh weather conditions and heavy foot traffic.


  1. Commercial roofs also require regular maintenance to ensure they continue to perform effectively. Commercial property owners should schedule regular inspections and maintenance with a professional roofing company to address any issues before they become major problems. This may include regular cleaning of gutters and drains, patching leaks, repairing damage, and more.

Building Codes and Regulations:

  1. Commercial roofing projects must comply with specific building codes and regulations. These codes and regulations may vary depending on the location, type of property, and other factors. Property owners should ensure that any roofing project complies with all relevant codes and regulations to avoid fines, delays, or other issues.


  1. Commercial roofing projects tend to be more expensive than residential roofing projects due to the larger size and complexity of commercial roofs. However, the cost of commercial roofing projects can vary depending on the type of roofing material used, the size of the roof, and other factors.

In conclusion, commercial roofing differs from residential roofing in several key ways, including size and complexity, materials, maintenance requirements, building codes and regulations, and cost. Property owners should work with a professional roofing company with experience in commercial roofing to ensure that their roofing projects are completed effectively, efficiently, and in compliance with all relevant codes and regulations. If you’re a commercial property owner in need of roofing services, contact GreenCal Construction for a free consultation and estimate.

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