A lot of people tend to ask the question: what’s the whole big deal about energy efficiency, especially when it comes to businesses? The answer is quite simple – according to ENERGY STAR, energy efficiency is the use of less energy to get the same task done. The benefits? You save money on your energy bills and you do a little good for the environment.

According to the EPA’S ENERGY STAR program, small businesses within the U.S. collectively spend an astonishing $60 billion on energy each year. These costs can be cut down to 10-30 percent without any damage to work progress. It’s a complete win-win. You contribute to saving your business and the planet at the same time.

GreenCal Construction could be a great resource to assist you in an attempt to save energy. We are a family-owned and run company that specializes in residential and commercial services in an eco-friendly way. We know exactly how to improve any and all projects that may be energy taxing.

In this blog, we will share some simple and great ways for you to advance your business in an efficient and cheap way.

Exterior Projects that Can Make Your Business More Energy Efficient

Exterior Windows

ENERGY STAR-rated windows can improve a business’ energy efficiency. You should block direct sunlight through windows during the summer; let the sun in during the day in the winter, but cover the windows at night. These tricks could help save on air conditioning and heating costs.

Energy-efficient roof materials

GreenCal provides environmentally safe alternatives for roof installation and placement. One example is cool roofing. Designed to reflect more sunlight, cool roofs absorb less energy and are also a great way to save you money on air conditioning.

Energy-efficient painting

GreenCal is an authorized dealer of ​​TexCote® COOLWALL® exterior coating, a revolutionary product that can help you keep your business cooler without having to constantly run your air conditioner.

Steel doors

Replacing old doors with steel alternatives is another great way to budget energy costs. Although materials like steel are heat conductors, they are great thermal insulators.

Interior Projects That Can Make Your Business More Energy Efficient

There are also many interior ways to conserve energy in the office – ways that can help ensure your business runs smoothly and efficiently inside-out:

LED bulbs

Replacing incandescent bulbs with LED bulbs will help you drastically lessen the amount of electricity used in the workplace.

Add additional insulation

Extra insulation can reduce and restrict the exchange of heat through walls and roofs. This can conserve energy by decreasing the amount of energy needed for heating and cooling.

Conduct an energy audit

An energy audit can determine and explain your energy uses and how you can cut down on excessive energy outputs. Electric utility companies often offer these audits for free.

Energy-efficient office equipment

When purchasing office equipment, do a little extra research. If they are ENERGY STAR-rated appliances, your business can save lots in the long run. 

Install a smart thermostat or install energy monitoring solutions

Managing temperature, even when no one is present, can make a big difference. Also, make sure to power down computers and non-essential systems at the end of the day.

Find out How GreenCal can Help Your Business 

As you can see, there are quite a few easy ways you can make a change in your business. With a little work, you can cut down on major energy costs and help the environment. Use GreenCal Construction to make this transition to a better business space. Contact us today for a free consultation!

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