On this project, we performed what we call a “Tile Relay” AKA: Tile Lift & Relay & Tile Reset.

This process is applicable to old Tile Roofs Only: 

This roofing process is a very common practice for tile roofs.

This project was the removal of an improperly installed TPO roof and the installation of a New 3Ply roofing system.

This project was a fun one, it was a referral from one of our customers. This lovely married couple needed to get their roof done and were interested in paint. We were working on their daughter’s house in the same city. We were doing her windows, paint, and stone siding. They liked our work so they asked us to come out to take a look at their home for an estimate to take care of their roof and exterior paint. We also updated their awning.

We replaced a roof for a lovely couple in Fontana, CA because their roof had reached the end of it’s life, and had visible wear and tear (see image.) The carpentry on this project was mostly centralized in the eaves and fascia/trim of the home. They previously did not install edgemetal and there were staples penetrating the entire perimeter of the home. Over time, rain/moisture damaged the perimeter of the home. The carpentry portion of the project were the most time consuming areas.

This project was for a Real Estate Agent and their Seller, we were working down the street at another roof and they gave us a call for their roof. The roof needed to be replaced before the sale so we got to work quickly. 

This project needed new sheathing, in the state of California if your roof has spaced sheathing meaning if there is spacing between the slats, which you can easily identify in the attic space, you must install plywood to create a solid deck to meet current code requirements.

We replaced the roof of a Fire Station located in the City of Orange. This project had an old leaky training tower that needed to get demo-ed and framed into the existing roof line. We demoed the roof and tower during the same stage of the project. We followed the plans provided by the city, and installed new rafters and fascia to tie them into the existing roof line. 

The prior roof installed was a rock roof, we removed all debris, thoroughly cleaned the deck, and replaced wood as needed per city code. After demoing the tower we installed new rafters and fascia per approved city plan detail.