Not a lot of people know the difference between replacement windows and new construction windows, and it may be very helpful to know when researching the remodel of your window installation.  

Replacement windows are made to replace old windows in your home. They are meant to be installed in the existing window frame from inside of the home. They are custom-made to fit any existing window opening, so no extra construction is needed.  

New construction windows, on the other hand, have a Nail Fin that’s used to secure a window into a wooden stud. These windows are usually made for new homes or other new construction projects. Even though this type of window is more than often used for newly built houses, there are certain times when new construction windows are best for replacement.

It seems as though the only similarity between both replacement windows and new construction windows is that they are available in a wide variety of styles, colors, and materials. No matter which type of window ends up fitting your project, you will be able to find the perfect look for your home as well.

So why do people lean towards the use of replacement windows? 

First, let us dive into the pros and cons. Replacement windows have many benefits, hence why they are so appealing to window repair customers. They are easily more affordable than the rival types. And along with their lesser expense, they are definitely more efficient in their installation. Because they are installed in existing frames, contractors don’t have to remove exterior elements. This allows for a quick, easy, and less invasive installation – saving you money, time, and a headache.  

But nothing is perfect. These replacement windows have a few faults of their own. One of which is their size. Since they install it into this existing window frame as described before, the actual glass is a bit smaller than before. It won’t be much of a noticeable change but still is a smaller view.

Both types of windows can be great to use, but when considering a new upgrade, you should know when the use of each is best.

Generally speaking, unless your current windows are in poor condition, it is often a much cheaper and simpler option to go ahead with a replacement window installation. If your window frames are in good and functional shape, then stick with some replacements. Otherwise, you might be spending too much time and money on a project that didn’t need to be done. With replacement windows, you do not need to cut down old frames and have the additional construction; instead, with usable old window frames, you can have a simpler and cheaper installation.

If you need a stronger, more durable, and lasting window urgently, look for a good new construction window. To reiterate, new construction windows need new window frames too, so the extra construction should be worth it only if those window frames are damaged or in need of an upgrade. With all of that carpentry, you might as well add in those new construction windows too.

No matter which option you end up choosing, GreenCal Construction should be your go-to service for window replacement and installation. We have helped so many clients and can help you today! Call or contact us here for a free consultation.    

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