When the springtime comes and brightens up your dark soul making you feel alive and clean, it also reminds you that your home is in dear need of a fresh new start. Last winter’s snow with pollen coating every outside surface forces you to put exterior home cleaning on your spring cleaning to-do list! 

One question you may ask is “How the heck do I clean and maintain my skylight?” and we’re here to share the practical tips to keep things squeaky clean and reduce the time of maintenance. 

The frequency of cleaning skylights

While it is recommended to properly clean skylights once every two to three months to avoid the obvious aftermath of scrubbing away, most people don’t make time or energy to do so and tend to do this once every few months or even half a year! It’s important to keep your skylight clean in order for it to serve its sole purpose: illuminating your room and providing fresh sunlight rather than artificial lighting. If you put in the time and effort to actually clean the grime and dirt on both sides of a skylight, you’ll not only reap its benefits but also reduce the time you will be spending after months of neglecting its cry to be washed. 

Cleaning skylights 101

First and foremost make sure your safety is number one as you will be using a ladder to get up there and scrub away hard-to-reach areas from both sides of the glass. You’ll often find leaves, twigs and dirt accumulating around the skylight’s exterior cladding, so it’s best to remove them immediately to prevent rainwater from clogging up the glass surface. This will allow the water to flow freely. If the cladding is damaged or scratched opt to get it replaced or simply clean the scratches off with a mild soapy water solution. Soaken the glass with soapy water to remove dirt and debris, then follow along with a non-abrasive glass cleaner to further remove the dirt. Continue removing the solution with either a non-metal squeegee, a soft, clean lint-free cloth, or chamois leather. Pro tip: avoid cleaning the glass during the hottest part of the day to prevent water spots. You can thank us later.

Ok, but how do I maintain my squeaky clean work?

Most homeowners who have skylights won’t have to constantly clean the glass if they consistently keep up their routine once every few months. Most skylights allow rain to wash away most of the dirt, dust and grime based on their slope, shape and location. However, it is important to be aware of the type of material its made from so that you use the right cleaning products without damaging your skylight. A major key point many people unfortunately don’t know is that bird droppings, berries and tree sap can immediately cause straining which should be cleaned right away to prevent extra work in the future. And as a rule of thumb, note that acrylic and plastic skylights should be cleaned using the recommended solutions.

The bottom line when it comes to cleaning skylights

Consistency always wins in every aspect of our lives whether it be maintaining our weight, studying to be the next Bill Gates in college and even making sure our house and surroundings are properly cleaned and preventing any damage to our wallets in this case! Take the time to understand what your skylight is made from and what tools you need to make cleaning easier and faster than ever!

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