Project Information

  • CategoryRoofing
  • ClientCity of Orange
  • StartNovember 2020
  • EndNovember 2020
  • Rating

Project Description

We replaced the roof of a Fire Station located in the City of Orange. This project had an old leaky training tower that needed to get demo-ed and framed into the existing roof line. We demoed the roof and tower during the same stage of the project. We followed the plans provided by the city, and installed new rafters and fascia to tie them into the existing roof line. 

The prior roof installed was a rock roof, we removed all debris, thoroughly cleaned the deck, and replaced wood as needed per city code. After demoing the tower we installed new rafters and fascia per approved city plan detail.

Challenges During The Project

It is always a bigger challenge demoing a rock roof and larger structure on a roof but our crews are extremely experienced and we are not unfamiliar with complex work. 

A perfect example of a project that could go wrong with improper direction is the demoing of a tower that is penetrating about two stories high off a roof. This takes patience and time removing the structure piece by piece working your way down to make sure demoing the structure does not damage the structure beneath it, the interior and the roof deck. 



We installed a great system on this Fire Station, their specifications asked for a full GAF System from the shingles, underlayment, ridge and all other accessories. They chose a great durable product that will last a lifetime.