Project Information

  • CategoryComposition Shingles, 50 Year Warranty, Carpentry
  • ClientConfidential
  • StartJuly 2022
  • EndJuly 2022
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Project Description

This project was for a married couple in Fontana, their roof was due for a routine roof replacement. The carpentry on this project was mostly centralised in the eaves  and fascia/trim of  the home. They previously did not install edgemetal and there were staples penetrating the entire perimeter of the home. Over time, rain/moisture damaged the perimeter of the home. During the carpentry portion of the project these were the most time consuming areas.

Challenges during the project

This project was pretty straightforward, our crews just took a little extra time taking care of the carpentry in the eaves and fascia.  



The solution for this project was the installation of a new Owens Corning System and some good carpentry work.