Project Information

  • CategoryComposition Shingles, 50 Year Warranty, Stucco/Paint
  • ClientNakayama
  • StartJanuary 2022
  • EndJanuary 2022
  • Rating

Project Description

This project was a fun one, it was a referral from one of our customers. This lovely married couple needed to get their roof done and were interested in paint. We were working on their daughter’s house in the same city. We were doing her windows, paint, and stone siding. They liked our work so they asked us to come out to take a look at their home for an estimate to take care of their roof and exterior paint. We also updated their awning.

Challenges during the project

This project was straightforward, this roof had 3 layers, it may have just taken a little extra time to tear off.



The solution for this project was the installation of a new Owens Corning System and refreshing the paint, the home looked great after we were finished.