Project Information

  • CategoryComposition Shingles, New Sheathing, New Decking
  • ClientStonick Group
  • StartJan 2021
  • EndJan 2021
  • Rating

Project Description

This project was for a Real Estate Agent and their Seller, we were working down the street at another roof and they gave us a call for their roof. The roof needed to be replaced before the sale so we got to work quickly. 

This project needed new sheathing, in the state of California if your roof has spaced sheathing meaning if there is spacing between the slats, which you can easily identify in the attic space, you must install plywood to create a solid deck to meet current code requirements.

Challenges during the project

The biggest challenge on a roof like this is the pitch, this is considered a steep roof. When our guys work on a project like this they must wear harnesses the entire time to make sure they are supported. Our guys are highly experienced. A roof like this is no problem, just a little extra man power and experience is needed here. 



The solution for this project was the installation of new sheathing and the installation of great shingles and roofing components from Owens Corning.