Project Information

  • CategoryTile Roof
  • ClientConfidential
  • StartFebruary 2021
  • EndFebruary 2021
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Project Description

On this project, we performed what we call a “Tile Relay” AKA: Tile Lift & Relay & Tile Reset.

This process is applicable to old Tile Roofs Only: 

  • Strategic Tile Staking: Expose the roof deck by strategically stacking the tiles across the entire roof. Tiles will be stacked in a specific style in order to distribute weight evenly throughout the roof for the prepping and carpentry portion of the project.
  • Remove existing underlayment. Pull existing nails.
  • Prep & Clean deck.
  • Carpentry
  • Install 2 layers of SBS underlayment.
  • Re-install Tile.
  • Power Wash Tiles After Installation

This roofing process is a very common practice for tile roofs.

Challenges during the project

This project was straightforward but this type of roofing project requires more man  power due to the moving of heavy tiles throughout the entire process.



The solution for this project was performing a tile relay, re-sheathing the deck, reinstalling tiles and power washing the tile after install.