Nothing quite matches the look of a freshly painted home. However, overtime you may notice the once crisp paint on your home beginning to fade leaving your house looking drab. A variety of factors contribute to the exterior paint fading including UV rays, paint quality, and paint color. Greencal Construction is an expert in exterior painting and will help you select quality paint that is fade resistant. We’ll educate you on how to prevent and fix fading exterior paint and keep your home looking like new!

What causes paint fade?

Direct sunlight, harsh weather and extreme temperatures all cause exterior paint to fade. Harmful UV rays strip the color from all items that are in direct contact with it including paint. East and west facing sides of your house get the most direct exposure to sunlight resulting in the most fading. When choosing exterior paint, be sure to get paint that repels UV rays. This will keep the paint on your house looking fresh and colorful. 

Low quality paint is another culprit for fading. When low quality paint is used the upper layers of the exterior paint begin to peel and the paint coating chalks off resulting in color fading. Choosing a flat paint instead of reflective or semi-gloss coating will also cause premature fading.

How do you keep outdoor paint from fading?

Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as an exterior paint that will never fade, but the following tips can help preserve the longevity of your paint.

Light colors fare better in direct sunlight. Dark paints attract UV rays and are more susceptible to fading. Lighter exterior paint colors absorb less radiation and heat and will fade less. 

-Paints that use inorganic pigments tend to be more resistant to UV radiation. Browns, tans, and beiges will resist fading for longer than organic pigments. Bright blues, yellows and reds are more susceptible to fading from exposure to UV rays.

Wash and repaint annually.When exterior paint starts to fade it needs to be pressure washed to remove all surface paint and chalking. By proactively doing this you will halt exterior paint fading before it even occurs.

-Invest in high-qualityfade resistant paint. High quality exterior paints have a proper bond and resist fading. Also, ensure the exterior paint you use is resistant to harmful UV rays.

How many years should exterior paint last?

Southern California can get up to 200 days of sun a year. This beautiful sunny weather unfortunately will cause exterior paint to fade within 10 years. To be proactive and prevent fading, your home should be repainted every 5 to 10 years.

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