If you’re looking into replacement windows, Low-E glass is something you should be considering. GreenCal Construction installs Low-E glass windows that homeowners love and that have quickly become the standard in modern homes. Low-E glass offers benefits that create energy efficiency and there are different options for both hot and cold climates. These windows are safe and can actually increase the value of your home if you are looking to sell. Keep reading to learn more about this window technology that will make all the difference when it comes to your house!

  • What is Low-E Glass?

Low-E glass also known as low emissivity glass minimizes infrared and ultraviolet light that comes into your home without impacting the amount of light that comes through your windows. Low-E glass reflects radiant heat away from your home keeping the inside cool.

Low-E glass is made by applying a thin, non toxic coating of metallic oxides between the double panes of your window. You may be wondering, does low-e glass have a tint? While not very noticeable there is a slight reflective green tint on low-e windows.

Is Low-E glass safe?

  • Benefits of Low-E Glass in Windows

Is Low-E glass worth it? Only if you want increased energy efficiency, reduced condensation and protection for your home’s interior. Low-E windows are so beneficial that they are becoming a standard for energy efficiency in most new homes.

Low-E Protects Your Home’s Interior

The coating on Low-E glass blocks harmful UV rays that can cause wood furniture and other furnishings in your home to fade. Paint on walls, carpet, and couches will stay bright and avoid any sun damage. The best part of this is that your home will still get natural looking sunlight coming through the windows, just with a layer of added protection.

Increased energy efficiency

Low-E glass acts as an insulator and keeps cold air out in the winter and warm air out in the summer. You’ll save money on energy bills by being able to stabilize the temperature of your home. On hot California days your home will remain much cooler if you install Low-E glass for replacement windows in your home.

Reduce Condensation

Condensation forms when temperatures start to change from cool to warm. Low-E glass’ coating will prevent condensation from occurring and creating larger problems in your home.

Types of Low-E Coatings for Windows

When installing replacement windows in your home, there are two types of coatings to choose from when it comes to Low-E glass. 

Passive Low-E Coatings (Hard-Coat)

Passive or hard coatings are created using a pyrolytic process. Pyrolytic coatings are created in a process where the coating is applied to a glass ribbon during its production on the float line. This process makes the coating fuse to a hot glass surface and creates a strong bond and extremely durable coating.

Solar Control Low-E Coatings (Soft-Coat)

Solar control or soft coatings are manufactured using the MSVD process. This stands for magnetron sputtering vapor deposition. In the MSVD process, the coating is applied without using a float line to pre-cut glass at room temperature in a vacuum chamber. The glass is then sealed in a laminated unit. This glass is best for protecting from solar rays and has lower emissivity than hard coatings. 

Which Type of Low-E Coating Glass is Best for My Climate?

Homes in California would benefit the most from a soft coating. Soft coatings are meant for warm sunny climates and offer excellent UV protection. This coating reflects warm air and heat back outside and reflects the cool air back into your home. This again is extremely beneficial for energy efficiency. Cool air won’t be escaping and you’ll be able to run your AC less.

Hard coats are best suited for cold climates. Hard coatings allow some UV rays to penetrate the glass helping heat your home. The glass then continues to reflect that heat back inside keeping your home considerably warmer than just a double pane window would.

GreenCal Construction Installs Energy-efficient, Low-E Anlin Catalina windows

The Anlin Catalina window is a perfect fit for a replacement window in your home. It features 4 layers of a Low-E soft coating that will keep harmful UV rays out of your house and keep it cool. In addition to Low-E glass, these windows reduce outside noise, increase energy efficiency and the Sash Dead Bolt will prevent anyone from breaking in.The double lifetime warranty guarantees that all repairs will be free of charge making the anlin catalina an excellent option for replacement windows in your home!

Install Low-E Windows Today With GreenCal Construction!

Low-E windows will keep your home cool, add energy efficiency and even increase the value of your home. They are the perfect option if you are looking to make energy efficient upgrades to your home. GreenCal Construction can walk you through any questions that you have on Low-E windows or the installation process. Contact us today for a free quote on your replacement windows. We are looking forward to hearing from you! 

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